Kare’s Story

From our guest blogger Kerrie Flanagan – posted August 1st 2016: How my melanoma journey began: My melanoma story started when I was 32. I was ten when my Grandfather passed away from melanoma. My brother has also had melanoma removed so I knew I had to be vigilant. I had

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Amanda’s Story

As told by Amanda’s Mum, Tracy Eather Amanda Carter (my beautiful daughter) touched the hearts of so many people in her life. Sadly, she lost her brave battle with Melanoma Cancer on the 12th of November 2007, aged just 25. Just two years earlier (Oct 2005) Amanda noticed a change

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Lynda’s Story

Lynda had a mole removed from her back at her local doctors surgery in Kingaroy, Queensland. The biopsy tested positive for malignant melanoma. Following further surgery, Lynda went about her business as a working mum. Two years on, the melanoma had spread through her body, only becoming evident when tumours on her

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