Lynda’s Story

Lynda had a mole removed from her back at her local doctors surgery in Kingaroy, Queensland. The biopsy tested positive for malignant melanoma. Following further surgery, Lynda went about her business as a working mum.

Two years on, the melanoma had spread through her body, only becoming evident when tumours on her spine ruptured leaving her paralysed from the waist down.

Lynda’s life was turned upside down within a few hours of experiencing the back pain, a paraplegic with less than 3 months to live. Immobilised in a hospital bed acquired from a family friend, with the support of her family, including mother Gabrielle, Lynda endured advanced melanoma at the family home for more than 16 months, inspiring an entire community with her indefatigable spirit.

A beautiful soul, forever selfless, Lynda touched the hearts of literally thousands of people prior to and throughout her illness. Lynda’s legacy has now become the work of the foundation, saving lives.


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