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Melanie and Me Educational Children’s Book

A Collaborative Project by Child Writes & Melanoma Awareness Foundation

By Shaelie, Emma, Charlotte, Georgia, Oliver, Simon, London & Eve-Anneke with Dr Tarn McLean & Emma Mactaggart.

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Melanie is happily oblivious to the effects of harmful UV rays as she plays outside all day –  until it is too late and she gets burnt. Will Melanie spend her waking hours inside, or will she come up with an awesome strategy for playing outside – demonstrating her own resilience, her healthy respect for the sun and how it is her responsibility to be sun safe.

Melanie having fun

This book is dedicated to Tony Logan

A gentle man who loved the sun and even more loved kids to be outdoors having fun in the sun. It has been created in the hope that future generations of children will continue to enjoy being outdoors while keeping themselves safe from the harmful effects of unprotected sun exposure.

As a swimmer and mother, I can’t image spending an entire day indoors!

Being outside, in the fresh air, soaking in the day, is such a joyous place to be, and it is imperative we make sure we are protected from UV rays from the sun – with a hat, with protective clothing and with sunscreen. I love that Melanie manages to work this out for herself, and continues living life to the full, embracing a healthy active lifestyle. Well done the talented team of young writers and illustrators who create this magical picture book. It is an incredible inspiring gift to your readers.

Susie Maroney,
OAM, Ambassador of The Melanoma Awareness Foundation

Melanie and Me has recently been featured in a Babbyology article on Children’s sun safety.

“As parents, we all now know the importance of sun protection for our children when the Australian summer rolls around but how many of us are as vigilant about protecting their skin in winter?

Anyone who has experienced the lobster glow after a day of snow skiing can tell you the harsh effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays aren’t limited to one season. Even though summer is almost over, there are certain things we still need to do to keep our kids sun safe.” Click here to read more.



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